Habit Forming Films, LLC. An Independent Multimedia Production Company

Habit Forming Films, LLC.

The Long Road

WRITER David Accampo
DIRECTOR Jeremy Rogers
PRODUCER Habit Forming Films, LLC
ACTORS Nikolas Ladimer and Bill Billions

How far would you go for revenge?

Caleb and Johnny have driven from Alabama to Los Angeles to confront their estranged father. But in the wake of their violent reunion, the brothers begin to realize that even bad memories are hard to put to rest. Award-winning independent filmmakers Jeremy Rogers and David Accampo (BAD HABITS) bring you their vision of southern noir in this first short film of their Habit Forming Films’ anthology, Whiskey, Gun, Cigarette.

After the kill, there is… THE LONG ROAD.

This simple-but-atmospheric film was shot over the course of a single night in a house in the San Fernando valley with a skeleton crew and limited equipment.

2007 FAIF Intl Film Festival – Best Editing

THE LONG ROAD, The First 2:45 Minutes

THE LONG ROAD, Still Shots

The Long Road on IMDb

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