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The People

DAVID ACCAMPO |  Founding Partner, Chief Operating Officer

David has enjoyed career success along a variety of creative paths: writer, producer, video editor, and graphic designer.  Habit Forming Films has allowed David to bring together these paths, focusing his vision as a creative producer. In addition to the awards won for his short films, he co-created the audio drama Wormwood, the critically acclaimed comic book Sparrow & Crowe, and the digital comics series, Lost Angels. David co-hosts the Fuzzy Typewriter podcast, and he co-created the Deceptionists podcast. He also writes for the comics culture site, Panels.net, and his fiction has been published in various anthologies, zines, and websites.

CHRISTA NAHHAS |  Founding Partner, Chief Financial Officer & Business Manager

Christa Nahhas brings her expertise in the management of several companies, including La Nourriture Catering and RM Consulting, to Habit Forming Films, LLC. As a founding partner of HFF, Christa was instrumental in the production of the company’s first film, “Bad Habits,” and has continued to provide financial and management guidance and maintain strategic business partnerships for the company. Christa also writes and produces content as an HFF partner. She edited the Weird Winter Stories anthology, and continues to develop new properties for the company.

JEREMY ROGERS | Founding Partner, Chief Executive Officer

Apart from Habit Forming Films, Jeremy Rogers  has pitched and designed websites and graphic art elements for top-industry FX studios and commercial production companies, and has extensive experience as a copywriter, scriptwriter, and video editor. With HFF, Jeremy has been able to flesh out his interests in the areas of writing, directing, and editing and has received writing and editing awards as a result. He has just written his first novel and is currently writing an original feature length screenplay.

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