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Habit Forming Films, LLC.

Bad Habits

WRITERS David Accampo and Jeremy Rogers
DIRECTORS David Accampo and Jeremy Rogers
PRODUCERS Habit Forming Films, LLC
ACTORS Jack Sway, Marina Resa, Bill Billions, Chris Facey

Clean up your act.
Make a difference.
Plan your Escape.

Fresh out of juvie, Brian is back on the street with nowhere to go. An ominous future looms before him; he can go straight or go to prison as an adult. Clarissa, his runaway girlfriend, dreams of a better life for the two of them, but she doesn’t know how to make it a reality. Brian’s best friend, Mo B, is a pusher and a prophet who sees only two ways out of this life: locked up in prison or zipped up in a body bag. Only John, Brian’s social worker, pushes Brian to make a decision about the rest of his life, even as his own future spirals into chaos and self-destruction. But just as Brian begins to change it all, he discovers that fate has other plans.

You have one day to change your life.

Bad Habits DVD Cover

Bad Habits began as a feature film script, the first collaboration between Jeremy Rogers and David Accampo. While the feature script was a semi-finalist in Project Greenlight and gained some interest in Hollywood, the two proceeded to form Habit Forming Films, LLC, an independent production company with producers Mary Alexandra Stiefvater, Katherine Stiefvater, Christa Nahhas and Nick Harris. For the company debut, they raised the funds and shot Bad Habits as an original short film.

2006 Worldfest Houston – Remi Award
2007 Sacramento Film Festival – Actor, Jack Sway

BAD HABITS, Teaser Trailer

BAD HABITS, Still Shots

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