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Habit Forming Films, LLC.


CREATORS/WRITERS David Accampo and Jeremy Rogers
ILLUSTRATOR Chris Anderson

“I believe that the long-term future of the human race must be in space.” — Stephen Hawking

…Spindly Dr. Harrison Beck scurries into the dense machinery of his creation, the underwater habitat called The Lorelei. If I can’t lead the Europa mission, he thinks, no one will…

…Dr. Will Martin can’t stop seeing monsters in the black waters of the submerged lake—but it’s better to keep an eye on them than to watch the way his wife is carrying on with engineer Sam Freeman…

…Dr. Valerie Martin wonders: Did Sam really murder his wife ten years ago? Or was it just an accident?

…Adele Lukin fingers the trigger on her pistol as she realizes that these scientists are all mad… and she’s trapped down here with them, two and a half miles under Antarctica, carrying out her mission for Maitland Technologies…

Welcome to VOSTOK—an intense five-chapter science thriller that follows a small team of scientists on a three-year expedition deep down into the waters of Lake Vostok, our planet’s most inhospitable environment. To endure this hidden lake means the scientists must face the abyss, and their own reflections staring back from the pitch-black waters…

Formed by the weight of the ice and the heat of the Earth’s crust, Lake Vostok’s isolated environment has long been thought to hold the key to understanding how life could exist on other planets, and perhaps, more importantly, how we can learn to adapt and live somewhere other than Earth.

The lake has never really been explored—until now.

It is the near future, and Earth’s surging population has turned a once fantastic concept into an inevitable reality: the continuation of human civilization lies on our ability to colonize other planets. Our first target is Europa—a moon orbiting Jupiter that contains vast oceans beneath its icy surface.

But before we conquer the stars, Beck and his team must first plumb the greatest unexplored depths of Earth and test the high-tech habitat that will allow their mysterious corporate benefactors to be the first inhabitants on Europa.

This is VOSTOK: the trial run for the future of humanity.

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